Monday, January 2, 2012

Santa 2011

Yearly Visit to See Santa

Halloween 2011

This years choices were not a pair, but individual costumes.
Taylor chose a U.S.A Cheerleader Costume and was super cute!
Tyson was a S.W.A.T Guy and fit the part perfectly.
Matt wore his USA Hockey Jersey and rolled around on his skates all night.
They got TONS of candy and had lots of fun.
Taylor posing
Tyson Makes a Good S.W.A.T guy
Daddy and Taylor supporting Team USA
Its fun to go Trick Or Treating with Cousins.
(Jillian the Pirate, Abbi the puppy, Taylor the Cheerleader, Shianne the Cowgirl, Tyson the S.W.A.T guy and Shelbie as Punky Brewster)

Wedding Festivities

My Brother-In-Law got Married at the end of July. Matt, Taylor and Tyson were all in the wedding party and they all looked Fantastic. Matt was a Groomsman, Taylor was the flowergirl and Tyson was a ring bearer along with his cousin Chris.

I didn't have as hard a time shopping for something to wear as I had expected thanks to my sister. It was pretty funny though, neither of us buy dresses often.

The kids danced their hearts out and left late that night on tired feet.

It was a great wedding. Lots of Fun!

Congrats Mike and Katie

Matt and I at the Reception
Proof that I was wearing a dress. Right before I had to change due to dress malfunction.
The Self Family
Me, Katie, Mike, Matt....Taylor and Tyson
After Ceremony before Reception
My Beautiful Little Flower Girl
The Handsome Little Ring Bearer. He had just woke up from being asleep in the car.
Taylor LOVED getting her hair all done up with MomMom (My MIL) Getting hers done in the chair behind Taylor's head.
Let the Process Begin
The Finished Product. It stayed put all day and when I took it down the next morning I pulled 30 bobby pins out of her hair.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Grade

Back to School time!
We went to Taylor's school for open house to drop off supplies and meet her teacher and see who was in her class. It was a success. We stayed for about an hour because Taylor didn't want to leave. She wanted to look at every little thing in the classroom.
She was super excited to see some familiar names and faces in her class. Including her best bud Colton. There are also 4 or 5 from her class last year (Alexis, Braydan, Cael and Dallas) that I recognized names for.
I think it is going to be a really fun year.


This is Taylor with her new teacher Mrs. Frey

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Taylor was super excited for her birthday this year.....turning 6 is so much fun!
This year she will:
Play her 3rd year of soccer
Enter 1st Grade
*Possibly* Lose her first tooth...still waiting on that though!

We are all looking forward to watching her continue to grow and succeed.
I Love You Taylor!