Thursday, August 27, 2009

1st Game

Tonight was Taylor's first (practice) soccer game. Her first ever game as part of a team. She was very excited and ready to play. During the 3rd quarter she got drilled in the head from a kid who kicked way too hard to be playing with 4 year old kids (the league is 4-6). She's probably one of the youngest having just turned 4 and along with being the smallest she's at a little disadvantage. That did not stop her from returning to the field and finishing the game (we were very proud she chose to get back out there). She turned into the emotional little girl she is after going back out on the field because she said the other kids wouldn't let her play. Really it was just her not being fast or big enough to get the ball. I asked her if she had fun and she still said yes and that she wanted to keep playing and told her coach she would see him Saturday for the next game. It looks like she will continue to go and play and have a good time, but it may be a long season for Mommy.
Warm-Up ----------
Waiting her turn to play


The Chase


Taylor throwing the ball in


They won't let me play


Number 8 like Mommy----------

Part of Taylor's audience...Mr. Tyson (don't you love his bullseye forehead-center bruise from falling or something to the right of that is a bruise from going head first into a wall and to the left of the center bruise is a mosquito bite) ----------

The newest member of our family (little Huggly himself) was also in attendance, but im hoping to get some better pics of him and make a post all about him.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Little but Mighty

Another first for Taylor.
It was the first day of soccer practice.
Armed with her shin guards, socks to her thighs (peewee size and still big), soccer cleats (fleats) and a water bottle she was ready to go.
Shame on Mommy for not getting a pic of her by herself before practice started, but all the kids were too busy playing on the playground while they waited.
Team Meeting getting a few instructions
Again we have the littlest kid out there. She was soaking it all in and they were getting ready to be lined up to kick a ball back and forth with a partner.
She may be small, but she sure is MIGHTY! Look at that leg kick. If I were to kick my foot that far up I'd end up on my butt. You can see Tyson (in the yellow) watching and wanting to go play too.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Difference a Year Makes

I was looking at the pics I took today while the kids were splashing in the pool and one of Taylor reminded me of one I took of her last year around the same time. It's amazing the difference a year makes. Although she's still little she looks so much older.
She will forever be my Baby.
She's wearing the same swim suit in both pics, but it is noticeably smaller this year.
A daughter is a gift of love.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Praying Mantis

This little guy was hanging out on our new deck rail around our patio while we were sitting outside taking in the completion of the new fence. Taylor said he was waiting to eat some "bad bugs"