Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fun and Leaves

It didn't feel much like Novemeber at all today. We were out playing for the greater part of the sunshine and then came in for baths because well a day in the leaves makes for dirty kids. Matt used the blower and made Taylor a huge pile of leaves and she was extremely excited to jump in them repeatedly. Tyson liked jumping in the little piles, but the big pile was not his thing. He just couldn't stand up when in the big pile so it made him quite upset. Other than that it was just a good day running around the yard getting pictures of smiling kids. I tried to narrow it down and compared to the number of pics I snapped this is quite narrowed down, but still a very large selection of some of my favorites.
Mom I'm so happy to play outside

Tyson was happy too
Laying in the Leaves
Watching sissy Lay in the leaves Tyson has mad soccer skills She wanted to pose and who am I to deny her Love those blue eyes and big smiles
Watching the ground
They were fascinated with the tree for a moment
Who would have thought he could run shirtless in November and still be sweating
He doesn't stand still for long
Almost burried
Eye See You Taylor
He couldn't stand up and it was making him MAD
Up to her neck in leaves
A boy and his rocks

Many Fun Times to Come!

Taylor's Bike Trials

On this fine day we took the opportunity to take Taylor's bike outside and let her practice. She did pretty good considering its been quite awhile since she's rode it. It's definitely a work in progress.
Before the ride

All aboard

Watching her feet

Push it girlie

Away she goes!

Before long she will have to graduate to a bigger bike, but this one will definitely do for now.

A Boys Work Is Never Done

Tyson and the Mower
It wasn't running at all during these pics, but he was very interested in it so I got a series of pics that looked like he was really going to get to work.
The walk thru to make sure it all looks good
Checking for Gas

Start it up right here Momma Push Away

Plus he looks cute walking around in jeans and no shirt!

Puppy Playtime

He joined in the outdoor fun today with the kids

Random Stuff Around the Yard

As we were outside playing today I decided to take pictures of random things around the yard. They may not be very interesting, but they didn't turn out too bad.
We have these locks on the gates of our fence to prevent child escape. They aren't actually locked and this one isn't even in place, but they do the job.


Wheelbarrow upside down----------

Mr. Spider right before he became squished Mr. Spider

This is the handle of the sandbox lid at two different angles