Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Saying Goodbye to 2010

2010 was a year of change for us
Taylor turned 5 and started Kindergarten.
Tyson has to spend his days with mommy while sissy is at school.
Matt left a job he had been at for 8 years for a job that would be better for our family in the long run
He had to start over from the beginning, but it has been a great decision and other than having to work all shifts (not just straight days like he was used to) he seems to love the job.

We are looking forward to seeing what 2011 has in store for us.

Here are a few pics from Christmas 2010
Taylor was excited about everything from sitting on Santa's lap to opening presents. She loves Christmas.
Tyson had a Toy Story Christmas complete with movie and lots of toys. He was completely excited. I would call him a Toy Story Nut!
I got a new phone -- the HTC EVO 4G-- I LOVE IT! I also got a Udraw game for the Wii. Thanks Matt I Love You.
Matt got a new cd player for his truck w/ auxiliary jack so that he can listen to his ipod while in his truck. Plus the actual auxiliary cord to plug it in.
This was the 1st year Tyson would actually sit on Santa's lap without crying. Last year he wouldn't even attempt it. He even managed to smile a few times though this picture was not one of them.
After Santa visited
Taylor and her stocking
Tyson and his stocking
Kids together with their stockings
Taylor and her new game (her leapster 2 is on its last leg).
Tyson got a Toy Story helmet to go along with his Toy Story scooter. He couldn't wait to wear it.
Taylor and her penguins. Thanks Aunt Brandi. They are a huge hit! (We had Christmas with my sister, Robert and the girls the day after Christmas). We had Yummy food and lots of FUN!
Tyson and his puppy dog Pillow Pet. Thanks Aunt Brandi.

-----Merry Christmas Everyone-----

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nearly 5 Years Old

Taylor turning 5 on the 26th marks another milestone in her life. She has waited forever to be 5 and told me the other day that even though she was going to be 5 and is a big girl she would still be my baby. She's growing up way too fast and time really needs to slow down.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


With Taylor gone for the day and it being too hot to be outside Tyson and I have had the day to ourselves. I decided it was time for a haircut (it had grown out quite a bit). After his haircut, he got to take a bath by himself. He had a ball playing in the tub with the duckies without sissy taking them away. Next on the list was an impromptu photo shoot. He likes to have his picture taken and is usually a complete ham, but he didn't last as long as I would have liked. I think it was too close to nap time (which he's doing now). So we have had a good day and Taylor will be back this evening. It's very quiet without my little chatterbox around, but I guess I better get used to it since there is less than a month till school starts for her. Time must slow down. My babies are growing up way too fast.

This is what 2T shorts look like on a 2 year old with short legs. Still cute though.
He's so serious. I love his big eyes and long lashes.
He was posing all on his own. I never told him to do it, only moved him back when he got too close to the edge. (my makeshift studio was a blanket held up by push pins and draped over the toy box)
Big Smiles.....
..... and Big Smirks
Love his chubby little feet
All Done Pease
Down Pease
I'm going to work on getting some of Taylor too, so I may get some more of Tyson then and of course the two of them together.

Monday, May 31, 2010

A Weekend of Firsts

This weekend was a weekend of Firsts for our little family. We took the kids on their first trip to Chicago (to visit my brother and family), we went to our first Cards/Cubs game at Wrigley, we rode the train to and from Wrigley, we had Gino's deep dish pizza, we went downtown and took a water taxi to Navy Pier, rode the Ferris wheel (a first for me and the kids), went to Portillo's for Hotdogs, went to a really awesome park, ate at Five Guy's and Fries and then came home. It was a fun filled couple days and we are already plotting our next trip. On that agenda is Shedd's Aquarium (we tried to go on Saturday, but there was a 2 hour wait in line just to get in so we opted for the Navy Pier) and the Jelly Belly Factory tour. We took the kids to the pool at my brother's complex before the ride home to wear them out. The kids really had a lot of fun and were very good in the car both ways. Tyson had a great weekend playing with boys his size. He is so used to being outnumbered by all our girls that he was really enjoying himself. We can't wait to do it again.

On the Water Taxi to Navy Pier
They LOVED the boat
Matt and I with the Chicago skyline in the background
My brother Clint and Me
Left to Right: Kaleb, Taylor, Aiden and Tyson
Cousins: Tyson and Aiden are both 2, Kaleb is 3 and Taylor is almost 5
Clint and the Kids
The Huge Ferris Wheel
Clint, Jasmina, Kaleb and Aiden in their Gondola on the Ferris Wheel
Tyson on the Ferris Wheel
Taylor on the Ferris Wheel
Train Conductors
Self Explanatory...Leaving Navy Pier
Chicago Skyline
Taylor and Tyson watching some bunny rabbits
Sliding at the park like a big boy
Weeeeeeee....Daddy was on the other end making her go up and down.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cards vs. Cubs

This weekend we got the chance to visit my brother in Chicago and we were able to get tickets to the Cards vs. Cubs game. It was an amazing experience visiting such a historic stadium and even better when the Cards WON the game. We took the train to the stadium and then enjoyed the day.

Had to have a pic in front of the stadium
View from our seats. Even at the top it was a great view.
The Ivy and Rooftops were really neat
The Kids and Daddy in their seats (a cub fan told Taylor she was wearing the wrong sweatshirt-Thankfully she is way to smart for that)
Me and My Babies in our seats
My Sister In Law is a CUB Fan. See we can get along. She was the outcast of our group!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

We took the kids to their first Cardinal game ever yesterday and they had a lot of fun. We got there an hour early and got to get pictures with Fredbird outside the stadium, stayed through the end of the 2nd inning and then opted to leave. It had started to rain and Taylor was feeling pretty sleepy. I think the shots got the best of her and she fell asleep in the car on the way home, so I doubt we would have made it through the whole game. They did excellent and were completely happy the entire time. We took the Metro Link over and back and Taylor loved it. She really liked riding the rain and seeing the big "RIBER" I think next time they will do even better.
Taylor and Fredbird
Tyson wanted NO part of getting his picture taken alone with him, but was ok with all of us doing it with him.
Happy kids in their seats
We had them between us so they would be protected and unable to run free
Tyson drank A LOT of his gatorade and enjoyed every minute of it...the boy likes to drink!
...and likes to have his picture taken....CHEESE...I WOOK? (He has to see the picture on the camera after you take it)
Taylor was distracted by all the vendors walking around with things she liked....Cotton Candy, Ice Cream, Cracker Jacks etc.
But took a moment to say cheese with Tyson
Down by the field
Our Cardinal Family
She was in Awe!
Tyson didn't want me to touch his gatorade...such a hard look!
Checking out the nice people behind us.
Shoving as many sweet tarts into his mouth as he could...Mr. Chipmunk cheeks.
At one point Tyson saw Fredbird on the Jumbo Screen and yelled....."WOOK.....DUCK" and then laughed. It was a good ending to a long day and we hope to do it again!