Saturday, October 31, 2009

The adventures of Garfield and Odie (Halloween Night)

This year we opted not to go to the parade that was a complete disaster for the kids last year and hit some new to us trick or treat locations and let me just say THEY WERE AWESOME! The kids had a great time and did excellent both trick or treating and behavior. We will most definitely hit those locations again next year. Thanks to Brandi and Robert for bringing Shelbie, Shianne, Jillian and Abbi along with us. We had so much fun! I'll let the pre trick or treat pics do the rest of the talking.
Tyson (pre-odie) posing for the camera. I never get tired of his sweet little grin.
In Costume Taylor as Garfield and Tyson as Odie.
Odie hanging out in the front yard before time to go. I have to say he didn't mind having the costume on at all and did fantastic both nights going out in it. I had to improvise and use his Cardinals hat so that we could keep odie's head from falling in his face, but it was totally worthwhile.
Tyson and his sweet little Odie smiles ----------
Garfield takes over. All Taylor had to do was look down just a little and it looked like she was completely inside his head (which was not really possible it was just a hood). I laughed when I saw the results of this pic. ----------

Ta-Da Taylor really is in there! ----------

Again who could resist. Her costume comes full circle for me. I have always LOVED Garfield and when I saw the costumes I knew they would be perfect for us. Taylor loves him too and one day I will pass on my collection to her. ----------

My adorable 8 week old baby niece Abbi----------
All the Kids together. Brandi dressed all the girls up like the wizard of oz characters, but sadly Abbi's witch costume was too big. We had tons of compliments on the grouping of our costumes with Garfield and Odie and the Wizard of Oz.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Jillian (Cowardly Lion), Shianne (Dorothy), Abbi (bear), Shelbie (Scarecrow), Tyson (Odie) and Taylor (Garfield)----------

Could someone call the Fire Department we have a cat stuck in the tree! ----------

Last but not least...THE LOOT!!! This was two days of trick or treating and we have it divided into bowls for the following categories: Fruity Candy, Chocolates and then a bowl with things like pretzels, goldfish, cookies, teddy grahams and popcorn; which you get a lot of when you are pushing a little one around in a stroller. They will share this with many many people I am certain followed by a good teeth cleaning! ----------

2009 was a great halloween and we look forward to what next year will bring!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trophy Day

Today was the last day of soccer for this year. They played their game and then headed over to the pavilion for Trophies and food. Taylor was excited that she was getting an award for playing and despite the days playing conditions everyone had fun. It was a chilly morning in the 40's or maybe low 50's, the fields were muddy from all the recent rain, but the kids showed up ready to go and were more than willing to get in the mud. She said she wants to play again next year and her coach will be coaching again so hopefully we can get on his team again.
Taylor holding her Trophy (backwards)
Taylor and Coach Chris
Warm-up (muddy field)
One of Taylor's Biggest supporters (rain, cold or shine)

I'll be looking forward to seeing the changes she makes next season!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sending Birthday Wishes to Heaven

Happy Birthday Mommy!
The Big 50
I Love You Always
and on a blog note I seem to be in a major picture rut that I am hoping to snap out of soon and then I'll have something new to post.