Friday, September 26, 2008

Fresh Air

It's been so nice here all week, so I told Taylor we would go to the park today. As always, she was super excited. She loves the park and running free. Today she even gave me an extra treat, she was a total ham for the camera all on her own. I got some good pics and found a couple spots that would be good for future photo ops. I'll share just a few of Taylor and a few of Tyson but again if you would like to see more visit and leave a comment so I know you visited.

Lounging in the Tunnel

Holding on for dear life.

Showing me she CAN pose for pictures without me asking

So happy to be at the park

Mr. Eyelashes

Smiley Little Man

Photo Op Spot

Pouty Face...He was done with the grass and the sun!

A Vintage action on a pic of Taylor by the same wall

Showing her displeasure with pictures by the wall...(see that 3 year old attitude)...ready to go play again

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

That's A Winner!!!

Matt and I got free tickets from his dad to go to last nights Cardinals/Diamondbacks game. They were GREAT seats (3rd baseline just past the dugout 6 rows from the field) and a lot of fun. We got to see Randy Johnson, future Hall of Famer up close but were glad when the Cardinals hit him for some runs. We had yummy Nachos and just took in the game. We left after there was 1 out in the bottom of the 8th to beat the crowd to the metro link. We got out of there pretty quickly and didn't have to wait long at all. Just what we needed, a night out without kids doing something we love. I took tons of pics and was probably annoying with the camera but I wanted to get lots of shots. Batteries died before we had anyone take one of me and matt together so you won't see that but I'll try to remember next time to do that first. These are in no paticular order just some shots I liked. To see all 104 I snapped check them out here and feel free to leave comments there as well. St. Louis Skyline From our Seats!

Future Hall of Famer "Randy Johnson" He Looks even Taller in Person!

Glaus at 3rd waiting on the inning to start

Pujols at Bat

Barton in Left Field

Skip in Center after he came in as part of a double switch

Pujols going back to first after a foul ball and Adam Dunn kicking dirt at first


Pujols applauding Glaus's Hit

First Pitching Change

Pujols waiting on the new pitcher to warm up

Intentional Walk

Another Pitching Change

Limber Ex-Cardinal Eckstein Stretching...this little dude is ALWAYS stretching!

Fredbird Boogie

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Milestone

Tyson is a very laid back baby as I have said many times before so he is completely content to be lazy. Lately I have been practicing with him daily to teach him how fun sitting up can be. He's doing great at it now and can sit up for long amounts of time. He does eventually fall over and can't sit himself back up without my help but I don't think it will be long. He also lays on his belly and pushes up with his hands and moves his legs like a frog like he wants to move, but just hasn't grasped the concept of getting his knees under him quite yet so for right now he makes his way around the living room by rolling and scooting on his back to where he wants to go. I think once he does start moving he is going to take off and not look back, but getting to that point may be a little bit yet.