Wednesday, March 31, 2010

T-Ball Basics

Taylor participated in her first t-ball practice today. They had practice on Saturday, but she was unable to attend because she was still getting over the flu. It was pretty successful, but she had a meltdown at the end of practice. Its still going to be cute and fun to watch.

This was the first pic I took with my new 70-300 lens
It is amazing and I can't wait to take more with it, but Tyson had other plans for me today

After she rounded 2nd base
Not the greatest, but this is where I had to wrangle Tyson so pictures took a backseat

This was taken before t-ball practice when we took the kids to play at the park. Tyson finally figured out that the playground is fun. He was happy to go up the stairs and down the slide over and over again. LOOK AT THE FACE HE IS MAKING. I think he wanted me to move.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kickin out the Germs

This week our house has been inhabited by an unwanted bug. No idea where it came from, but we are all ready for it to leave. Tyson is on the mend and Taylor will hopefully be in the clear soon.
She wanted her picture taken with Marshmallow (the smile on her face is definitely deceiving for how she is feeling)

Tyson is beginning to act like himself again and is so peaceful when he is asleep.