Saturday, March 12, 2011

Frame By Frame

After soccer today we decided to take the kids on an impromptu trip to the bowling alley. They did not know where we were going, but they were excited once we got inside. As soon as we got to the lane Tyson wanted to grab a ball and go. Never having bowled before ever he was great. He was so animated and excited and also a bit impatient (but what 3 year old isn't when it comes to doing something they want to do). I bowled a lot as a kid and its something I hope we can continue to do and do more often with our kids as well. The guy next to us asked how old Tyson was and said with that much passion he could do really well. They were entertaining everyone around us. I bet they would have done it all day if they could.
I had a great time spending the day with my family!
Taylor and her ball, a 6 pounder. She would have loved the pink, but it was 8 lbs and we didn't want her getting hurt.
Tyson and the 6 pounder. He did awesome carrying that thing around and at one point even got up to the line and let the ball go before we noticed he had carried and used my 12 pound orange Garfield ball. Oops! Little Muscle Man.
Taylor was sporting some really good form in this picture.
Watching the first ball she rolled
Tyson mid jump watching his ball creep ever so slowly down the lane. I am going to try to upload video of him.
Big Feet for such a lil girl
Mr. Chunky Foot. He waddled somewhat like a penguin in these things and Matt asked if they were too big because it looked like he was wearing clown shoes. I really think it was just that they weren't as flexible as his tennis shoes.
Waiting for the ball to strike pins
Proud of his Roll
Taylor helping keep Tyson directed at the correct lane.
This pretty much described how he felt about bowling. He LOVED it. I should have snapped a pic of his big alligator tears after we told him we were done.