Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was so fun. We had such a great holiday season and the kids made out like bandits in the toy department. Taylor was so excited about everything. Tyson didn't really know what to think, but it was fun watching him just take it all in. I would have to call his 1st Christmas a complete success. He didn't really understand the whole open presents thing so sissy opened his too. Matt surprised me with 2 really awesome picture frame collages that hold a ton of pics. I'll have to get busy printing so I can fill them up and hang them on the wall. This year has gone so fast and I can't believe that my baby boy will be turning one a week from tomorrow. We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and that your New Year is great too!

She dug right into that stockng...filled with fruit rollups, gummi bears and worms, a new bottle of vitamins, crayons, a petshop activity book, gummi savers and a couple stuffed toys
She was so excited there was something big but it was stuck (gummi bears)

He's always got his tongue hanging outModeling Tyson's Fridge Magnets

Just taking it all in

Christmas filled with games ... She also got candy land, chutes and ladders and hungry hungry hipposGiving Me the Look
Such a Little Ham
Watching Sissy play with her Handy Manny Tools that she totally loves
But I want the Loot now that its all open

After we got everything out of their boxes and the kids played with everything for awhile we headed back to Matt's parents for dinner. Yummy Ham, potato casserole, broccoli pasta casserole and salad. Not to mention cookies, candy and fudge!

Christmas with my sister

Just a few from Tuesday the 23 when we had Christmas with my sister, her husband, my brother and my sister's girls. We had a great time and everyone loved their gifts!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Santa Claus comes to Troy

Matt and I were wide awake within seconds of hearing the firetruck sirens blaring as it came down the street. We both stood straight up out of bed and looked out the window only to see that it was Santa Claus. We got Taylor out of bed so she could see and that is when the excitement started. She has been so excited to see him for awhile now but when she waved and saw him waving she said he was waving at her. He rode around town till noon and then took his place at Santa's house in the park. We decided to take the kids and go see him. They had lots of those blow up decorations, hot chocolate, cookies and of course Santa. Next week the reindeer will be joining him so we will probably make another trip to see them too. Taylor still loves Santa. She did awesome for the 3rd year in a row. She talked his ear off, question after question, and then told him she like his christmas tree. Tyson was not as amused with the stranger holding him. He gave Santa the pouty lip and cried a few tears for only a couple seconds. He was just mostly not thrilled with sitting on someone he didn't know. Here's some pics from our adventure.

Taylor, Tyson and FrostyTaylor, Tyson and the Reindeer Taylor, Tyson and Mickey Mouse
Taylor, Tyson and Charlie Brown
Talking Santa's ear off
She Absolutely Loves Santa Claus
Tyson sits on Santa while Taylor tells him it will be ok...He was very unsure of him!
Tyson's 5 seconds of crying then he was over it, but still didn't want to sit on him.
I had to torture Tyson for a few more seconds so that I could get a pic of him by himself with Santa!

Tyson is always so content and laid back that I was surprised he cried at all, but then he's a lot older than Taylor was her first Christmas, so he is aware of a lot more than she was her first time seeing Santa. She will probably teach him the ropes in no time and next year he may be a completely different kid.

On another note....Saturday was also my Mother -in- Law's birthday, so I just wanted to add a Happy Birthday to her on here. We Love you and hope you had a great birthday!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Pictures...

...Take 2
This was our 2nd attempt at getting a couple pics to send out with Christmas cards. The first attempt failed miserably by way of bad lighting making blurry pics, flash creating massive red eye, a toddler with an attitude and a baby that doesn't sit still long enough.

I managed to get a few I liked this time.
This is an example of the tude Taylor was giving me when I told her to smile normal instead of goofy faced. Her reply along with a pouting face was that she didn't know how.

Then I told her if she cooperated she could have this sucker and I managed a cute shot

Next was my favorite of the Two of them Together

Last but not least a few of my favorites of Tyson. Still not sure which I like best.

And all worn out.