Thursday, December 17, 2009

Santa 2009

To start off this years visits to Santa we took the kids to a little Christmas party. Santa arrived and each of the kids got a gift and then the chance to sit on his lap. Taylor is right at home on Santa. She has never been scared in the least or cried at all. Tyson on the other hand is the complete opposite. He cried last year and this year was no different. I LOVE the way the picture turned out though and it will be a classic for years to come.
Tonight we took the kids to the park where they have a Santa land. They have blow up decorations, cookies, hot chocolate and little treat bags for when the kids are done sitting with Santa. Most of all they had a couple live reindeer on hand for everyone to see.
Tyson stood around and watched as sissy rambled on to Santa the things she would like for Christmas this year. We could not coax him up there close enough to sit on his lap so this was the best we got. He looks like he's a little kid who was bad and didn't get to sit on Santa. He did manage to give him a five and knuckles a couple times without too many tears. It was a big improvement over the first picture posted.
Enjoying some cookies
He is a Cookie Monster!
Watching the Reindeer
Standing by the Reindeer
This is a little reminder of how much these two have grown over the last year. This was a picture taken when we went to visit Santa last year.
This one was taken this year. Its quite a big difference in size. They have grown so much. I think I will continue to take a picture in front of this same thing each year as long as they have it. It makes for a good reference.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Visiting Dad

While there for my grandma's service we got to see my dads stone. This is the first time we had been back to the cemetary or seen his stone in person since his funeral February 2003. Me, my sister, brother, step brother, stepmom and nieces walked down and took a flower arrangement from grandma's service to place for him. At least we know he's with his mom and dad again and that our group of guardian angels is now greater by 1.

He Only Takes The Best

He Only Takes The Best
God saw you getting tired
And a cure was not to be.
So He put His arms around you
And whispered, "Come with Me."
With tear-filled eyes we watched
you, suffer and fade away.
Although we loved you deeply
We could not make you stay.
A golden heart stopped beating.
Hard working hands put to rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us
He Only Takes the Best.

In Loving Memory

June 5, 1927-December 3, 2009

We will miss you Grandma. You will never be forgotten.