Saturday, February 19, 2011

Taylor and Brady Meet Again

In July of 2005 two of the cutest kids were born.
The first time they met they were toddlers.
The next time they met they had both become a big brother and a big sister.
Last night was their 3rd meeting. They played hard together. Laughed and got along great.

Brady has grown so much and is a sweet little boy. Who knows what the next visit will bring.
He requested we come to Tennessee to watch him play baseball someday and I intend on taking him up on that offer when we get a chance. Tyson really enjoyed having boys to run with and I think he and Dane could be the best of buddies.

Taylor said it best when she said "I had a super awesome time". Next time we may have to plan ahead and spend a day together.
Thanks for taking time during your visit to get together with us.
Brady and Taylor
Brady and Taylor and their little brothers Dane and Tyson

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

This is the first year of many to come that Taylor gets to give out Valentine's at school. We worked on filling them out last night so that they would be ready to go this morning. There are 26 kids in her class, including her, so it was a lot of writing for these little hands, but she successfully completed them all. She took 2 extras in her pocket for two little boys that aren't in her class, but she played soccer with. She said they all play together at recess. They are good kids.

Happy Valentine's Day to ALL!
Signing her name to all the Valentine's Before we write who they are to
Before school this morning with her little surprise from Mommy and Daddy